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Responsible pet ownership

A lady holding a coffee, walking her big black dog next to the beach

Owning a pet is highly rewarding. Many people enjoy having a pet for companionship, social interaction and a sense of security. Everyone who owns a pet must be aware of their responsibilities, not only to their pet, but also to the wider community.  Find out all the information you need to know about responsible pet ownership on the Central Coast below.

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Cats and Dogs

Find out how to deal with barking dogs and nuisance cats, discover off-leash dog exercise areas in your local area and much more.

Animals Care Facilities

If you are about to add a furry four legged addition to your family, look no further than our Animal Care Facilities. The Central Coast has two Animal Care Facilities located Charmhaven and Erina. Central Coast Council...

Pet Identification and Registration

Owners of puppies and kittens must microchip and register their pets. Find information that all cat and dog owners on the Central Coast need to know including information on our Subsidised Desexing Program.

Other Animals and Issues

Take a look at Central Coast Council's policy about other animals such as horses and livestock and find out how to deal with stray or dead animals.
Last updated : Wed 10 Nov 2021