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There are a more than 8,000 properties registered in the Central Coast where a connection to Council’s sewerage network is not available. Here are the installation and operating guidelines you must follow.

On-site sewage management systems are installed on properties where a connection to council’s sewerage system is not available, so waste generated from the dwelling must be managed on-site.

On-site sewage management may include systems such as:

  • Septic tanks with evapotranspiration beds or absorption trenches
  • Aerated waste water treatment systems
  • Wet composting
  • Fabric filters and sand filters
  • Composting toilets, and
  • Septic tanks with a pump out

Installing a new system

If you are installing a new or altering an existing onsite sewage management system you are required to submit an Application to Install Sewage Management System.

Altering an existing system

If you are undertaking works to your internal plumbing and drainage you are required to submit and pay the associated fees for a Plumbing and Drainage Inspection

Operating an existing systems

All on-site sewage management systems must be registered with Council. An approval to operate is required. That can be obtained by submitting an Application for an approval to operate.

Demolishing an old septic tank

If you are replacing an old septic system and need to demolish an old tank you must follow the procedures set out under NSW Department of Health Advisory Note 3.

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Last updated : Tue 31 Mar 2020