Local Environmental Plan

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is the primary legal planning document for guiding land use and planning decisions made by Council. An LEP describes what can be undertaken on land and is supported by mapping (including land use zones, height of building, lot size maps etc.).

Central Coast Local Environmental Plan 2022

The Central Coast Local Environmental Plan 2022 (CCLEP 2022) is a consolidation of Gosford LEP 2014 and Wyong LEP 2013 into one plan for the entire Central Coast. The CCLEP 2022, and the corresponding Central Coast Development Control Plan 2022 (CCDCP 2022) provides a consistent approach to planning decisions across the whole of the Central Coast LGA. This streamlines decision- making and provides a simpler development framework for the community.

View the Central Coast Local Environmental Plan 2022

The Central Coast LEP 2022 Digital Mapping

Central Coast LEP 2022 is supported by Digital Mapping only with the former pdf. mapping system progressively being retired by the NSW State Government. The mapping can be accessed via the mapping link found when you access the LEP on the NSW Legislation Website.

The LEP mapping can also be accessed through Council's Online Mapping Tool.

Other Planning Instruments

On land where CCLEP 2022 applies, development applications accepted by Council prior to 1 August 2022 are subject to the pre-existing planning controls:

CCLEP 2022 applies to the vast majority of the LGA, with a small portion of the local government area being land deferred for further consideration.
The updating the CCLEP 2022 for these deferred lands will be publicly exhibited to the community mid-2023. At this stage the deferred lands remain subject to The Interim Development Order 122 (IDO 122) and Gosford Planning Scheme Ordinance

The Gosford Town Centre remains subject to State Environmental Planning Policy (Precincts Regional) 2021 Pt 5.8 Gosford City Centre.

Further information relating to development controls are located on the Development Control Plan page

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Last updated : Thu 19 Jan 2023