Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Essential fire safety measures are items such as hose reels, hydrants, exit and emergency signs and lights, portable fire extinguishers, fire and smoke alarms.

A fire safety certificate is required if any of these measures were installed or applied to a building from 1 July 1988. Generally, the Building Code of Australia specifies in what parts and/or types of buildings the essential fire safety measures are required.

Council can require that the measures be installed in existing buildings, in a new building or addition, or if an application is made to change the use of an existing building. If they are required, Council will provide the owner with a schedule listing the items required and relevant maintenance standards.

What is a fire safety certificate?

A fire safety certificate indicates that fire safety measures have been installed and perform in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.

The certificate must be lodged with Council by the building owner immediately on completion of the fire safety upgrading, development or building work, and before the new use is commenced and/or the building is occupied.

What is a fire safety statement?

An annual fire safety statement must certify that a properly qualified person - a licensed tradesperson or a specialised fire protection service company - has inspected the building and found that the measures are capable of performing to the relevant standard.

The certificate must be submitted to Central Coast Council on the anniversary of the fire safety certificate being issued. Building owners must ensure that fire safety certificates and statements are lodged with council. There are substantial penalties for failing to submit any statement or certificate by the due date.

Fire safety certificates and statements can only be signed by the owner or owner's agent and not the person performing the inspection.

Council charges a fee for processing this statement and an invoice will be forwarded in accordance with PDF icon Council’s Fees and Charges.

Certificate display

The annual fire safety statement must be displayed in a prominent location in the building and a copy forwarded to NSW Fire and Rescue. These can be sent by email to

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Last updated : Wed 3 Aug 2022