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Central Coast Council offers a range of services free of charge to discuss preliminary development and zoning matters with Council staff members including town planners, building surveyors and development engineers.

All other services below including written advice, pre-development meetings and post-consent can be organised alongside a  service fee.

Development related enquiries

Council recognises the need in the community for technical advice associated with development and wants to ensure this advice provided is provided promptly. A Building Surveyor and Development Engineer can be contacted (subject to availability) between 10am and 1pm daily on 1300 463 954. If the requested officer is not available or speaking with another customer, an enquiry will be submitted on your behalf and allocated to the relevant area.

Customers who wish to seek general advice regarding planning, building surveying or development engineering can also create an account and submit an enquiry via our 24/7 Customer Service Centre. Council can assist you more efficiently if you provide:

  • Your name and contact details, including an email address
  • The address of the property
  • Details about the nature of your enquiry and what you require from Council

Furthermore, customers who wish to speak to a Town Planner can enquire in person (by appointment only) at the following times from 1 December 2021:

  • 91-99 Mann Street, Gosford: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 10am-1pm; and
  • 2 Hely Street, Wyong: Tuesday and Thursday: 10am-1pm

Please note:

  • Each appointment with  a Town Planner at the abovementioned times is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Customers can make an appointment to see a Town Planner by contacting Council on 1300 463 954 or in person at 91-99 Mann Street, Gosford or 2 Hely Street, Wyong.
  • Any response by Council staff to a development related enquiry will direct customers to relevant policies and the applicable approval pathway. Council staff cannot provide detailed advice, particular to a development proposal, though this service. 
  • Council offers a range of pre development and post consent services for a fee should you require more detailed advice further to those services identified above, details are further on this page.
  • Alternatively, anyone contemplating the carrying out of development or the purchasing of land in the Central Coast Local Government Area can obtain their own planning advice from a suitably qualified professional such as a town planner or private solicitor specialising in land use and/or planning law. Council is not able to recommend the name or contact details of such professionals.

Written advice on a single matter or written advice with a meeting on single matter

These options are generally suitable for residential proposals, such as a new dwellings, alterations and additions to a dwelling, garage, carport, secondary dwelling/granny flat, fence, or swimming pool, involving a variation to a planning control (e.g. building height, floor space ratio, setbacks, landscaped area or side boundary envelopes) and minor commercial proposals such as a change of use of a premises and signage. This does not include Flood Level Certificates.

Fill out the application form, making sure you include all proposal-related documentation. Council will contact you to arrange a meeting time and invoice for the provision of written advice. Council will provide brief written advice for the associated service within 10 business days from the date the application is accepted.

For more information, view the pre-lodgement services and advice fees and charges.

Pre-development meetings

The pre-development meeting service aims to avoid delays, non-compliance and pitfalls that may be encountered in the development assessment process due to incomplete or non - complying applications. The pre-development meeting will identify development application submission requirements through consideration of site constraints and policy requirements.

A town planner will conduct the pre-development meeting. Where detailed advice is required in respect of specific engineering, flooding, ecological, or other matters, and Council’s technical officers will be available to attend the meeting for an additional fee, subject to current rates outlined in Council's Fees and Charges.

The pre-development meeting is intended to give simple and direct advice which is not be taken as inferring a reasonable expectation as to the outcome of the assessment process.

Following the meeting, Council will provide you with a written summary of the advice and issues discussed at the meeting within 21 business days.

Where and when are pre-development meetings held?

Meetings are generally one hour in duration, however, longer meetings may be arranged subject to the adopted meeting rates.

Meetings are held remotely, however, a meeting can be held at Councils Wyong administration building at 2 Hely Street or Councils Gosford administration building at 91-99 Mann Street, Gosford, via request and availability of Council staff.

Lodging a pre-development meeting application

To facilitate the obtainment of advice, it may be necessary to submit concept plans/sketches, preliminary design layout (floor plan, elevations, height), an outline of your proposal (giving details of all lots) and an agenda with details of all specific matters that you wish to be covered during the meeting.

Fill out the application form,  making sure you include all proposal-related documentation. Council will contact you to arrange a meeting time and invoice for the provision of written advice. 


Whilst Council may provide you with general information about the town planning process, and that may include referring you to legislation, planning instruments and other planning policies, Council cannot give you advice about how you should, or can, develop your land, and cannot give you an indication whether any development proposal will be granted development consent. You may wish to seek further advice from an appropriately qualified and experienced professional, such as a town planner or lawyer specialising in planning law.

Comments are only provided by professional staff attending the meeting. At no time should comments of the officers be taken as a guarantee of approval of your proposal.

Contact Council on 1300 463 954 for further information.

Post-consent services and advice

Council offers several post-consent services and advice for a fee. These services include:

  • Request for an extension of a development consent under section 4.54 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
  • Request an assessment of compliance with a deferred commencement condition under Section 4.16(3) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (1 to 5 Conditons)

  • Request an assessment of compliance with a deferred commencement condition under Section 4.16(3) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (>6 conditions)

  • Written advice on a single matter (for example, compliance with a condition of development consent where the concurrence of Council staff is required/ or additional clarification is sought regarding compliance with a condition of consent).

Fill out the application form, making sure you include all relevant documentation. Council will contact you to invoice for the provision of written advice. 

Please note:

If a request for post-consent advice requires an onsite technical inspection (for example of an Ecologist, Environmental Health Officer, or Development Engineer etc) an additional service fee will be required per officer in attendance. Any requirement for an onsite technical inspection and staff attendance will be confirmed upon receipt of each request.

The above services do not negate the responsibility of the Principal Certifier in otherwise confirming compliance with any applicable condition of development consent.

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