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Keep in touch with what is happening, reading suggestions and resources via our private Facebook groups. There are four groups available, Programs and Events, Children, Youth and History - join one or join them all.

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Central Coast Library Service App

Central Coast Library Service App

Searching our library catalogue and renewing and reserving books is now easier than ever thanks to our new 'Central Coast Library Service’ app.

With the tap of the screen, you can reserve and renew items, scan book barcodes to search, view events as well as get easy access to eBooks, eMags, music streaming and much, much more!

The app is available to download for free from Apple’s iTunes store and Android’s Google Play.

Google Play

Apple iTunes

Online fun for kids

Connect with your library online to enjoy stories, eBooks, coding and so much more.

Storytime online and resources

Pre-recorded Storytime Sessions on YouTube

Discover a range of recorded Storytime sessions on the Council’s Coast Connect YouTube channel for you to enjoy with your child whilst staying home. Best of all, if they really love a story, you can replay it as much as you like. Discover a wide range of diverse stories from our Children’s and Youth Library team as well as Council’s Environmental Education and Community Education teams. You can also view filmed events and programs ranging from magic shows and animal encounters through to STEAM challenges.

Children @ your library Facebook Group

Join our private Children @ your library Facebook group and stay up-to-date with the latest events and information. Agree to our group rules to access this popular group focussing on children’s resources, events and activities.

Story Box Library

Story Box Library

Storytime? Anytime!

Enjoy your favourite stories read by a diverse range of storytellers - sportspeople, musicians, grandparents, teenagers, comedians, actors, with varying accents and from different cultures.

Log in by selecting Central Coast Library Service and entering your library card number. Not a member? Join online for instant access Story Box Library.

Parker Platypus Paints the Coast REaD

Pɑint Centrɑl Coɑst REɑD is pɑrt of the Pɑint the Town REɑd initiɑtive, ɑn Eɑrly Literɑcy Community Cɑpɑcity Building Progrɑm ɑimed ɑt educɑting pɑrents, cɑrers ɑnd the community ɑbout the importɑnce of reɑding, singing, plɑying drɑwing and tɑlking with children every dɑy from birth.

The ɑim of the progrɑm is to encourɑge ɑll levels of the community to support the development of children’s eɑrly literɑcy skills from birth, so they ɑre prepɑred for leɑrning when they stɑrt school.

Eɑch time you tɑlk, hug, sing and reɑd with your child, new brɑin connections ɑre formed ɑnd strengthened.

These dɑily ɑctivities lɑy the foundɑtion for lɑnguɑge development and communicɑtion skills to grow.

Literɑcy is ɑ key success in life. Reseɑrch shows thɑt foundɑtional skills leɑrnt from ɑges 0-5 yeɑrs ɑre criticɑl for developing literɑcy skills ɑt school.

Read Parker’s Books

There are currently 6 books in the Parker – Paint the Coast REaD series. Download a PDF copy to read today.

Parker colouring-in

Looking for something different to colour? Download Parker colouring sheets today.

Parker’s Pen Pals

Parker the Platypus is looking for pen pals! If you would like to write to Parker or send him a drawing you can download the templates below or create your own. Send your message to Parker at library@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au – he can’t wait to read them!

MIT Scratch Coding

MIT Scratch Coding

Create stories, games, and animations with this free project from the MIT Media Lab.

eBooks and eAudiobooks

Members have access to over 19,000 eBook titles at their fingertips. There are eBooks and eAudiobooks for all ages, including children and youth, and you can borrow up to 10 eBooks or eAudiobooks from each platform at any time with no reservation fees. After the loan period expires the item is automatically returned and will simply disappear from your device. You can return it earlier to borrow more items sooner. Follow these steps to start reading or listening today!

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

Access over 57,000 free eBooks. Choose from free ePub and free Kindle books, download or read them online, with focus on older works for which copyright has expired. No fee or registration required.



Borrow up to 10 titles for 21 days on an OverDrive compatible device (Android, Kindle Fire and iOS devices). Libby is the new app for enjoying Overdrive eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines, alternatively you can use Adobe Digital Editions for your PC or Mac.

How to use

Download the free Libby app on either the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). 

  • Open app and select sign up with library card
  • Search Central Coast Library Service
  • Enter your library card number (library card number include upper case letter followed by numbers) and PIN (DOB as DDMMYYYY)
  • Touch Library to search or browse the collection
  • Touch Borrow to borrow and download the title


indyreads™ provides access to a statewide collection of independent Australian and international titles, classic literature and modern award-winning titles in eBook and eAudio format.

Access indyreads™  with your Central Coast library card number (library card number include upper case letter followed by numbers) and PIN (DOB as DDMMYYYY).

Visit websiteGet it on Google PlayDownload from the App store



Browse and borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks from your local library at any time. Borrow a combination of 10 eBooks and eAudiobooks from Borrowbox.

How to use

  • Download the free BorrowBox Library app on the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android);
  • Enter library name – Central Coast Council;
  • Barcode – is your library card number (library card number include upper case V or C followed by numbers) and PIN (Date of Birth as DDMMYYYY);
  • Navigate through tips or select skip to go straight to borrowing;
  • Browse collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks or search a specific title/author;
  • Select borrow and confirm loan;
  • Go to My Loans and download to read or listen anywhere without WiFi – you can also elect to have future titles download immediately when in WIFI.

Borrow Box provides great download speeds, speed options for eAudiobooks and features a sleep timer function so you’ll never lose your spot!




Free music streaming and downloads has never been easier! 

Library members can stream music for up to six (6) hours per day as well as download songs and videos using their library card. 

Download up to five free songs, or three songs and one video, or two videos and one song, every week from the Sony Music catalogue.

Choose from thousands of artists and hundreds of thousands of songs, all free and legally yours to keep. These files do not expire, are free of DRM and can be transferred to iPods and MP3 players or burnt to CD.

How to access

  • Download the free Freegal® Music app on the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Search by country, then select Central Coast Council Library Service.
  • Enter your library card number and PIN (Date of birth as DDMMYYYY).




Our library is proud to offer you a wide selection of digital magazine titles for you to access anytime, anywhere through the award-winning Libby app. Download your favourite magazine titles directly to your smartphone or tablet to read anywhere, anytime, even without access to WIFI. eMagazines can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks before being automatically removed from your shelf.

How to use

Download the free Libby app on either the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). 

  • Open app and select sign up with library card
  • Search Central Coast Library Service
  • Enter your library card number (library card number include upper case letter followed by numbers) and PIN (DOB as DDMMYYYY)
  • Touch Library to search or browse the collection
  • Touch Borrow to borrow and download the title

If you have questions, visit the help site or contact your local branch for assistance.


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