Weed control

Weeds are a major threat to our unique natural environment, threatening the survival of hundreds of native plants and animals. They impact on the price of food, human health through allergies and asthma, recreational activities and the NSW economy.

The broad objectives for biosecurity are to manage risks in NSW from animal and plant pests and diseases, weeds and contaminants by:

  • preventing their entry into the state
  • quickly finding, containing and eradicating any new entries
  • effectively minimising the impacts of those pests, diseases, weeds and contaminants that cannot be eradicated through robust management arrangements.

Changes to NSW legislation in 2017 saw the former Noxious Weeds Act replaced by the Biosecurity Act and Biosecurity Regulation.

Weeds management is now a shared responsibility with all landholders ensuring they are not allowing new weeds to take hold on their land. You can visit NSW Weedwise and search for the Central Coast for the complete list of weeds and the control requirements for each species.

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Last updated : Thu 25 Jun 2020