Tender Process for Waste Contract Should Not be Linked to Strike


Friday, 3 June 2016


Central Coast Council’s current tender process for a new waste contract to start in February 2018 is not a reason for local garbage drivers to strike.

The dispute lodged by the TWU in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) is between drivers and Remondis and does not involve council.  It is unfortunate our residents and ratepayers are being inconvenienced by this strike action.

The wages and conditions of Central Coast Garbage drivers are the responsibility of the current waste contractor, Remondis.

Council’s Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds, said he made it clear to the Transport Workers Union (TWU), who represent the workers, at a recent meeting that council’s role is to ensure the community get reliable and best value waste services.

“Council has a broader responsibility here to provide the very best value possible to our 331,000 residents in the next garbage contract we sign,” Mr Reynolds said.

“That doesn’t mean these workers will be left out.

“In fact given the knowledge, skill levels and experience of these drivers, they are extremely likely to be employed by a new contractor, should the present contractor not be awarded the contract.

“My door is always open to those willing to help council deliver that for our community.”


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Last updated : Wed 18 Jul 2018