Public Meetings on Potential Land Reclassifications Set


Thursday, 30 June 2016


An independent facilitator will hold public meetings next month to review the potential reclassification of 12 land parcels flagged for possible sale by the former Gosford City Council.

The potential reclassification of any parcels identified as community land must involve a rigorous, fully informed and transparent community consultation process.

At the public meetings community members can speak for or against any individual land reclassification. This is an important part of the consultation process.

The first public meetings will be held on Wednesday 6 July 2016 at the Erina Centre adjacent to Erina Library from 12pm to 2pm and 4pm to 6pm.

Independent facilitator Gary Warnes is conducting the meetings, which will look at the following 12 sites:

  • Forresters Beach – 79A Kalakau Avenue (LOT 318 DP 225178) and 79B Kalakau Avenue (LOT 319 DP 225178)
  • Umina Beach – 83 Brisbane Avenue (LOT 195 DP 9894) and 85 Brisbane Avenue (LOT 196 DP 9894)
  • Niagara Park – 22A Delaware Road (LOT 22 DP 29443)
  • Wamberal – 32A Dover Road (LOT 25 DP 26468)
  • East Gosford – 40A George Street (LOT 1 DP 996535) and 50 Wells Street (LOT 6 SEC 23 DP 56797)
  • West Gosford – 1 Hely Street (LOT 1 DP 17393)
  • Wyoming – 6 Isis Street (LOT 46 DP 231546) and 12 Jerribin Street (LOT 8 DP 246234)
  • Tascott – 2 Kateena Avenue (LOT 192 DP 237499)

The format of the public meetings will be largely determined by the independent facilitator. The community has been provided with the required 28 days’ notice of these meetings.

The independent facilitator will provide a report on the submissions made at the public meetings.

All submissions received as part of the community consultation process, including those made during the public meetings, will be considered by the new Central Coast Council.

All up around 30 land parcels were identified to potentially be reclassified and sold to generate much needed funding to reinvest back into vital services, facilities and infrastructure for the community.

These identified sites represent around one percent of the former Gosford City Council’s community land parcels.

A review of over 3200 council land parcels showed these sites were either left over from previous works, of no foreseeable or limited use to council and the community, or had been replaced by larger nearby facilities.


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