Office of the Administrator Media Release - Administrator’s final call to Minister – dismissed Councillors should not run at next election


Wednesday, 12 May 2021


Central Coast Council Administrator, Mr Dick Persson AM has today made one last call prior to departing his office by writing to the Minister for Local Government proposing the government should prevent dismissed councillors from standing in the next election.   

“I’ve today written to the Minister proposing that the Government consider introducing measures, including changes to the Local Government Act if necessary, that would prevent dismissed councillors from standing in the next election,” Mr Persson said.

“I believe such a move would have strong support particularly where communities have been negatively impacted due to the behaviour of their councillors who end up dismissed, only to return in the next election.

“This was a strong and consistent theme made clear by the Central Coast community during the consultation over the proposed special rate variation,” said Mr Persson.

“I suspect in communities where this has occurred, they would prefer dismissed councillors did not return ever.

“I believe such a move would have strong consumer support, and such a policy would put greater pressure on all councillors to improve their performance/behaviour.”




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