Highlight of the 25 January 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting


Tuesday, 25 January 2022


Council endorses the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan

Central Coast Council has endorsed the Central Coast Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (SCAP). 

The Plan includes 27 actions relating to:
•    natural systems
•    water and energy efficiency
•    community empowerment
•    waste reduction
•    improved strategic planning. 

The SCAP provides a holistic view of Council’s actions in the environmental sustainability and climate change space. It includes programs and initiatives that are currently underway, or will start over the next three years. 

Council Administrator, Rik Hart said that Council aims to reduce emissions and its environmental footprint through the actions in the SCAP. 

“Embracing environmental sustainability practices will help us slow the effects of a changing climate. It also assists the Central Coast in becoming more resilient against extreme weather and natural disasters,” Mr Hart said. 

In 2019, Council’s first Climate Change Policy established a framework for climate change action across the Central Coast. The SCAP outlines the actions Council will take to reduce its environmental footprint, mitigating the effects of a changing climate to become a net zero emissions Council. The results of the actions in the SCAP will inform the Climate Change Policy when it is reviewed in the 2022-23 financial year.  

The SCAP was informed by extensive face-to-face and online engagement with the community over the last three years. 

Toowoon Bay Lifeguard Tower renamed in memory of Allan Cook 

Council has approved the naming of Toowoon Bay Lifeguard Tower in memory of and to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of respected local community member Mr Allan Cook.

An application to rename the tower was lodged with Council on 6 December 2021 by Mr Stephen Prince, to commemorate Mr Cook’s extensive contribution and outstanding voluntary service to the Central Coast community as a dedicated lifeguard for over 40 years.

Mr Cook passed on 26 July 2019. His long-standing service saw him champion the introduction of female lifeguards and through this Wyong Shire Council was the first Council in Australia to employ a female as a professional lifeguard. Mr Cook advocated for the Disabled Surfers Association and was widely considered the driving force behind the establishment of lifeguard towers on the patrolled beaches of Wyong Shire.

Council Administrator, Rik Hart said it’s important the region continues to celebrate the dedicated lifesavers that service our communities.

“Council is proud to be commemorating Mr Cook’s extensive input and outstanding voluntary service to the Central Coast community.” Mr Hart said.

“Mr Cook’s work is widely recognised to have had a significant influence on both the sporting and social development of the community, and Council is delighted to honour his valuable contribution by renaming Toowoon Bay Lifeguard Tower in his memory”.

The application was assessed by Council and confirmed Mr Cook’s strong association and contribution to the local community demonstrates eligibility to relevant requirements set out in the Policy for Memorial, naming of Council Facilities and Donations of Park Furniture and Trees, and confirmed there will be no financial cost to Council with the applicant agreeing to pay all costs associated with the proposal.



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