Draft Central Coast First Nations Accord and draft Acknowledgement of Country now on Public Exhibition


Monday, 2 May 2022


The draft Central Coast First Nations Accord and draft Acknowledgement of Country is now on public exhibition for community review and feedback at yourvoiceourcoast.com until 30 May 2022

The draft Accord is an agreement between First Nations Leaders and Central Coast Council. It aims to set an agenda that will guide how best to work together and further reconciliation.

The draft Accord works in alignment with Government frameworks such as Local Decision Making and delivers against the Priority Reform areas within the National Agreement on Closing the Gap. 

The key themes that comprise the draft Accord are:
•    Strengthening engagement and working in genuine partnership
•    Working with and strengthening the Aboriginal community-controlled sector
•    Strengthening culture and the way that Central Coast Council does business with First Australians
•    Shared understanding of the needs of the community

Through the development of this draft Accord, Council officers engaged with Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council and local First Nations leaders. Consultation was also undertaken with all relevant Council business units to ensure the proposed commitments were achievable and is now providing an opportunity for the broader community to share their feedback on the commitments proposed. 

An important commitment of the draft Accord is the establishment of a broad based Aboriginal Advisory Committee to help guide the implementation of our commitments in a collaborative manner, ensuring the views and aspirations of our local First Nations community can be adequately considered.

Council Administrator, Rik Hart said the draft Accord and wording of the draft Acknowledgement of Country are important for the wider community to consider. 

“I encourage residents to view the draft Accord and draft Acknowledgement of Country and submit comments during the public exhibition period in May. Council will then consider all feedback to finalise this important agreement and statement which will outline our shared vision for the future of our whole community.”

The draft Central Coast First Nation Accord and draft Acknowledgement of Country is on public exhibition online at yourvoiceourcoast.com for community review and comment, between 2 and 30 May 2022. 

Indigenous artwork depicting woman holding earth

Photo caption:  artwork by Kyle Waters, a Kamilaroi descendant who lives on the Central Coast, NSW

Artwork background 

Artist Statement
The artwork is a representation of gunni thakun (Mother Earth) giving birth to all living things in Australia. It shows how important our women are to our culture and how they must be respected and treated at all times. The designs inside her shows the different lores and stories, with each representing those same values. The inside of her body is filled with red, white and yellow ochre, to show how special she is as a woman, including the colours in her legs being symbolic of the country and salt water people. The surrounding designs represent stories and the creation of the lore in line with all the different country’s within Australia. 

About the artist 
Kyle Waters is a Kamilaroi descendant who lives on the Central Coast, NSW. He is an emerging young artist and former winner of the Maliga Indigenous Arts and Culture Showcase 2018 (Elders Choice Award). Kyle has participated in many community-led programs, funded by Central Coast Council including the Ngura Health and Lifestyle program. Since graduating, Kyle has become a promising young creative and his work been acquired by the Department of Education and Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council and his designs are featured on coffee mugs, magnets, footy boots and boomerangs. 


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