Community Called Upon to Help Stop Illegal Dumpers


Thursday, 16 June 2016


Central Coast Council is appealing to the community to report any unusual activity observed along Sparks Road Warnervale Tuesday night following the discovery of a massive amount of illegally dumped waste.

The dumping is thought to have occurred sometime between 5 and 6pm, Tuesday 14 June, and judging by the huge scale of waste a large truck must have been involved.

Council’s Section Manager Ranger Services, Ms Rennae Projceski, said the site was inspected this morning by a Regional Illegal Dumping officer, who estimated around 30 tonnes of rubbish has been dumped near the airport.

“The waste is covering a massive area, measuring more than 62 metres in length, 6 metres deep and 1.5 metres high,” Ms Projceski said.

“With such a huge amount of waste being dumped along a main road during peak hour, someone must have seen something.

“Illegal dumping not only costs ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to clean, but also poses series serious environmental and health risks for the community.

“We are currently searching through the waste to try and identify the dumper as our community shouldn’t have to foot the bill for those that do the wrong thing.

“If you have any knowledge of the dumped waste along Sparks Road please call our Customer Contact team on 4350 5555.”

On the spot fines for illegal dumping can be anywhere upwards of $2000.

Ms Projceski said there is never an excuse for illegal dumping with the number of waste disposal options available to the community.

“Alongside comprehensive garbage collection, residential properties are also entitled to six free kerbside collections each year,” Ms Projceski added.

“We also manage three waste facilities; Woy Woy Landfill, Kincumber Transfer Station and Buttonderry Waste Management Facility.”

Incidences of illegal dumping should be reported to the Regional Illegal Dumping line on 131 555.


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