Certainty for Environmental Lands in the Coast’s South


Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Central Coast Council is calling on around 3000 landowners in the region’s south to help it identify the most appropriate zoning for land that was deferred from the Gosford Local Environment Plan in 2014.

Manager of Sustainable Corporate and City Planning Matthew Prendergast said the Environmental and Urban Edge Zone Review will strike the right balance between protecting important environmental areas and managing the future growth expected across the region.

“Our aim is to identify land with significant environmental value that needs to be safeguarded and ensure urban growth is managed and delivered in the right areas where vital services, facilities and other infrastructure can be accessed,” Mr Prendergast said.

“By confirming the most appropriate zoning for these deferred lands, we will be able to update the Local Environment Plan, fulfill the NSW Government’s planning requirements and give many landowners more certainty.

“Feedback from landowners and the wider community is a key part of this review.”

A dedicated site on council’s Have Your Say consultation hub has been created with plenty of detailed information and ways to get involved, as well as an interactive mapping tool for the review area.

Visit www.haveyoursaycentralcoast.com.au and click on the link to the Environmental and Urban Edge Zone Review.

“As part of this process we are considering the principles and recommendations that came out of the review of environmental zones on the far north coast of NSW,” Mr Prendergast added.

“Plus, the community can be assured that council’s vast Coastal Open Space System (COSS), which currently includes over 2,500 hectares of land across the former Gosford City, is protected and is not being reviewed as part of this process.

“We are working with the NSW Government, in particular the NSW Minister for Planning, to get the best outcome for the community and council when it comes to safeguarding COSS land.”


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