Administrator’s Weekly column - March 15 2021


Monday, 15 March 2021


As most readers know I have extensive experience as an Administrator of four Councils. To those asserting I have political bias, for the record, let me point out that for Warringah and Port Macquarie Councils I was appointed by Labor Governments, and for the merger of the Northern Beaches Council and for the Central Coast job I was appointed by Liberal Governments.

While parts of the job don’t change, the big difference this time is Social Media. This is the first time I have had a Facebook Page, and while I enjoy the ease of communication with large numbers, I am surprised by how many people are prepared to express themselves in such aggressive and abusive ways.

To call someone “SCUM” because you don’t like what they are saying is really OFF.

And it’s not just the rudeness. It’s the preparedness to express such strong views while having made such little effort to seek out the truth or facts.

When reading such comments, I often click on to the authors’ site only to see a lovely family scene with two or three lovely children sitting on their parents’ lap.

I wonder what sort of example they think they are setting.

We are dealing with a very difficult issue, and I understand many are angry. I am angry too.

However constructive and informed comments with a bit of civility would be so much more welcome and influential.


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