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Wednesday, 20 October 2021


As the Public Inquiry hearing into Central Coast Council draws to a close, the community has heard firsthand over the past three weeks testimonies from suspended councillors, former and current council staff, former councillors, previous administrators, members of the community and academics, providing their perspective, opinions, and factual information on what went wrong.

Throughout these testimonies there seems to be some misinterpretations made with regard to the figures, understanding of the legislation that governs local councils, and the approaches made to the Minister for Local Government following the Council being placed into administration.

It was evident throughout this process the sheer complexity surrounding this issue and the accounting processes and reporting of council. I can appreciate how this may have confused our community, however it is important that where misunderstandings of figures or timeframes have been presented that this is clarified where reasonable.    

The Commissioner has offered for those who had previously made a written submission or given oral evidence to the Inquiry, may make a further written submission in reply no later than 3 November 2021.

I therefore intend to provide a submission in reply to the Commissioner that further clarifies and places on the record details surrounding some of these uncertainties.

Rik Hart, Administrator


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Last updated : Thu 21 Oct 2021