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Wednesday, 25 August 2021


The Central Coast is steadily growing in size. We expect that by 2050 our population will have grown by around 35%. As the Coast grows, so does the demand for water, however, our current water supply system only provides us with a limited supply of water – and it isn’t enough for our growing population.

Water is a finite precious resource and we need to make sure we have plenty of it on the Central Coast for future generations.

Further information has been gathered and we’ve gained a better understanding since last developing the WaterPlan 2050. We have leveraged off this plan to create the Central Coast Water Security Plan that is resilient to population growth and the impacts of future droughts.

I thank the Coast community for sharing their water values and preferences for this plan and your ongoing efforts to conserve water. The more we conserve, the longer we can hold off investing into new ways to supply the Coast with water.

However, conserving water isn’t going to provide us with water forever and investing in new supplies of water is inevitable. Our conversations with the community, investigations, modelling and analysis all lead to developing a plan that is agile, efficient and collaborative in its approach to water conservation.

We look forward to receiving your final input, comments and ideas for this plan to ensure we provide the Central Coast with a resilient and sustainable water future – one that is supported by our community.

Rik Hart, Administrator


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Last updated : Wed 25 Aug 2021