Administrator’s Message – Curby Soft Plastics Program Uptake


Wednesday, 22 September 2021


It is fantastic to see Central Coast Council leading the way to help shape the future of soft plastics recycling nationally through the Australian-first soft plastics program rollout.

All households in the Central Coast Council area can now register to be part of a soft plastics recycling program, allowing you to recycle soft plastics from the convenience and safety of your own home using the Curby Program and Council kerbside yellow bin.

We are blown away that over 10,000 Central Coast households have opted into the Curby soft plastics program since its inception.

Already the program has resulted in over 11,000 tonnes of soft plastics being diverted from landfill, that equates to over 2 million plastic bags, and the number continues to grow.

The program is run in collaboration with Australian recyclers iQ Renew and CurbCycle and builds upon the successful soft plastics recycling trial facilitated by Council since November 2020.

Currently the program is only available to households with access to a smartphone who can access the Curby app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Residents without a smartphone can recycle soft plastics using a nearby existing REDcycle drop off location.

Our community’s dedication to reducing waste continually amazes and inspires us!

Rik Hart, Administrator


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Last updated : Wed 22 Sep 2021