Administrator’s Final Column – 10 May 2021


Monday, 10 May 2021


This is my final column as Interim Administrator of the Central Coast Council. I have one last Council meeting on Tuesday evening and then head home on Wednesday evening.

 I will be replaced by Mr Rik Hart, who is a very experienced local government CEO, and someone who will provide continuity with the repair work we have undertaken jointly over the last 6 months when he served as acting CEO.

This has been the fourth Council I have served as Administrator. It has been by far the most challenging. There has never been a greater case of financial mismanagement in Australia’s

Local Government history.

I am proud we have turned things around in less than one year, but I acknowledge many of the measures deemed necessary are very unpopular and some people feel are very unfair.

I do understand how they feel.

But the key word is “necessary”.

Both Mr Hart and I would have much preferred not to have proposed a rate rise, to sell-off council assets to pay down a massive debt, and to remove over 250 jobs.

We feel we had no other choices. Interestingly, none of the critics have proposed any alternative actions.

Please remember who was responsible for this calamity.

I never expected doing this job would make everyone happy. I was right but thank you to the many well wishers who have provided such positive feed-back. It is very much appreciated.


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Last updated : Thu 13 May 2021