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Monday, 12 April 2021


This is a big week in Council with the arrival of our new CEO, Mr David Farmer.

I have said several times that his appointment will be the most important decision I make as Councils’ Administrator, and if Mr Farmer had been appointed three years ago then I wouldn’t be here.

This is also the week we say goodbye to Mr Rik Hart and Mr Malcolm Ryan.

Mr Hart and I arrived in November not sure what we would find.

As A/CEO, Rik has taken on the difficult challenges involved in re-shaping the organisation and budget in a short time. His commitment to working things through with the Unions has been first class.

Should the Minister allow the suspended Councillors to return on the 30th April, I am confident the Minister will appoint Rik as Financial Controller, with authority to veto Council attempts to change the Long Term Financial Plan or Draft Community Plan that I will have put in place.

Staff have valued Riks’ openness and direct communication. I know I speak for everyone in saying “Thank You Rik”.

Malcolm Ryan came in to assist with his unparalleled expertise in planning law. His contribution has also included assisting to evaluate our IT system issues and needs. Both Rik Hart and I have valued his help and thank him very much for his important strategic contribution.


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Last updated : Mon 12 Apr 2021