Administrator’s Column – The human side of the Financial Crisis - 10 March 2021


Wednesday, 10 March 2021


Moving around the Council offices this week has been a sad experience. So many people sad for either losing their job or having one of their colleagues lose their job.

This is the human side of the financial chaos Council was placed in. Hundreds of staff being told their job is gone. Sure, some have sought voluntary redundancy, but many now effected did not.

I know most residents oppose a rate rise. Every time I point out that 70% of the savings/revenue target is being achieved by cutting spending and only 30% from the proposed rate rise, I get the same commentary – “make more cuts”.

As I have explained before, there is no more juice to be squeezed from the lemon without doing irreparable damage. Even the current level of cuts means losing vast experience and knowledge. To find another $26 million [with no rate rise] would involve impacts to service levels and jobs.

My message to people arguing for more cuts “Be careful what you wish for”. I suspect many of the active ‘keyboard warriors’ referring to me as ‘scum’, will be the first to complain if more savage cuts were introduced.

I know many are angry but please have a thought for the hundreds losing their jobs - it’s not their fault, and for the thousands of residents who will be affected by the cuts to services they reply upon.


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Last updated : Wed 10 Mar 2021