Administrator’s Column – Final Report – 19 April


Monday, 19 April 2021


My Final Report went to the Minister last week, as well as presented at an Extraordinary Council Meeting.

I have recommended the Councillors not be allowed to return, and the September election be delayed allowing a public inquiry into the merger, particularly into what needs to be done to successfully complete it.

It is pleasing that all seven local members of Parliament agree with this recommendation, although I suspect for quite different reasons.

It is disappointing all seven continue to oppose any rate rise, even though they have all been briefed and I believe they understand there are no viable alternatives.

At the time of writing I am unaware of what the Minister will do. I suspect there will be a public inquiry and my appeal to the broader community, as well as our elected Parliamentary leaders, is to resist using it as a political opportunity to score points, and to take a positive approach to helping restore community confidence in their Council.

The hard decisions have been taken to restore the budget to a small surplus. New systems are in place to provide transparency as to the state of the budget, monthly. An experienced CEO has taken control. All the ingredients are in place to allow the Council to move ahead.

I believe the community is tired of political ‘grandstanding’ and wants its local political leaders to do just that. LEAD.

If you agree this would be a good time to let them know.  


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Last updated : Mon 19 Apr 2021