Administrator’s Column – Council Assets


Thursday, 17 June 2021


It has been encouraging to see the level of engagement we have received from the community on the Tranche 3 proposed Council assets for sale. Whilst public exhibition has now closed, I can assure the community I am reviewing and taking seriously the submissions received.

I have met with key community groups and local members of parliament to hear firsthand their concerns and discuss priority listings, knowing Council needs to reach at least $60M in asset sales. A priority list from the community will assist in identifying those sites that are a must to keep and those that we can afford to let go of given the precarious position we are in.  

Over the next month, I will be conducting various site visits listed in Tranche 3 and familiarising myself with the area and issues on the ground. I have previously made it clear that the first report to come before Council will be of those items zoned as operational and non-contentious.   

All submissions are being collated into a report to come before Council early in the new financial year. 

The Operational Plan is due to come to Council on 29 June 2021, which will set a very clear expectation on the level of services Council can deliver under the proposed budget set for the next financial year.


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Last updated : Thu 17 Jun 2021