Administrator’s Column – Asset sales consultation now open!


Monday, 3 May 2021


Asset sales became ‘THE STORY’ last week.

The full list is now available on yourvoiceourcoast. Once the Minister made it clear the suspended Councillors were not returning, I was able to slow the process down and hold community consultation.

I am confident the suspended Councillors would not have agreed to asset sales to pay off some of the massive debt built up during their tenure.

It is a sad fact that our financial situation still requires selling of any assets.

The final decision will now be made by my successor, the new Administrator, Mr Rik Hart.

There is lots of rubbish being said about the sales program. To clarify:

  • There is no fire sale. The market is strong and top prices will be achieved.
  • It is not proposed to sell environmentally sensitive lands.
  • Some land is being considered for sale to current occupants, like the Salvation Army at Oasis.
  • If the land adjacent to the racecourse is sold, it will see the expansion of training facilities and the creation of many jobs. The funds will help pay for the clean-up of the heavily degraded adjacent wetlands.

The key question is, “Do we need to pay down some of our $560 million debt”?

The answer is, “Definitely YES”.

Please don’t forget why this is happening. Have your say at yourvoiceourcoast and let Mr Hart know your reasons for opposing anything on the list.


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Last updated : Mon 3 May 2021