Administrator calls for community consultation on proposed property sales


Tuesday, 27 April 2021


Central Coast Council Administrator, Mr Dick Persson AM has today agreed with community requests for a formal community consultation process around a tranche of proposed property sales and reclassification items listed for consideration at tonight’s Ordinary Council meeting. 

“There is still a need for Council to raise funds through the sale of surplus or ‘lazy’ assets if we are to pay down the huge debts run up by the suspended Councillors,” Mr Persson said.

“Now that the Minister has confirmed the Councillors will not be returning on Friday there is a chance to consult in a less politicised environment. I regret my handling of the matter has caused widespread concern.

“This is not a ‘fire sale’ as some are claiming. Any properties sold will be at market price or better, and the market is very strong at the moment,” said Mr Persson.

“In regard to the matter of Terrigal Bowling Club, I was not aware of what was being proposed. I do not agree with this proposal and will take it off the list.

“At tonight’s Ordinary Council meeting I will move that the proposed disposals and reclassification items be deferred to allow for three weeks public consultation to ensure members of the community have a chance to have their say, and to ensure the new Administrator understands their views before making a decision.”


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Last updated : Tue 27 Apr 2021