COVID-19 community bulletin #16


  • Helping kids
Monday, 14 September 2020


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Your children

Stories tap into kids' concerns

Young children often don’t have the language or emotional capacity to voice their anxiety or express fears about the natural disasters which may be happening around them.

We have recorded a special online storytime series to help parents and carers tap into youngsters’ fears and concerns about COVID and the other environmental crises we’ve experienced in the past year.

Following the adventures of “Birdie” and her friends, the Growing Together Through Natural Disasters series has been filmed for Council’s popular Coast Connect YouTube channel. It explores four recent natural crises:

  • fire
  • flood
  • extreme heat.

Working with puppets and play, the stories are presented by an environmental educator who helps Birdie and her friends “talk” about their worries and concerns.

Share the videos with the pre-schoolers and early primary school youngsters in your life by searching 'Birdie' at


Your Safety

Clean-up kits for share vehicles

Taxies, Uber, hire vehicles and community transport vehicle drivers can now access a clean-up kit to help keep them and their passengers stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NSW Government is providing one kit per vehicle. Each kit contains gloves, saline eye wash, antiseptic swabs, soap and first-aid hand towels in a resealable plastic bag.

The kits are in addition to the recent opening of a sanitisation station at West Gosford for all point-to-point vehicles which also include ambulance, police and HealthShare vehicles.

The sanitisation station provides a free clean once each day, focusing on high-touch areas such as door handles, seatbelts and payment equipment.

The kits should be used by drivers to spot clean after potential transmission incidents such as a passenger coughing or sneezing.

To order a kit, visit or the sanitisation station at 7 Merinee Rd, West Gosford. Operating hours: 7am-7pm Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Saturdays.

Your Business

What’s your COVID Safe Plan?

At late August, almost 2,200 Central Coast businesses had registered as COVID Safe businesses under the NSW Government’s business safety program.

Registration as a COVID Safe business is mandatory for gyms, hospitality venues, places of worship, funeral homes and crematoria. It is optional but highly recommended for other types of businesses and organisations.

All businesses must complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan to help protect staff, customers and visitors. Industry-specific templates are available which provide advice on hygiene and safety, physical distancing, recording customer contact details and staff wellbeing.

Businesses who register as a COVID Safe business receive COVID Safe resources for display, along with reports on how their customers rate the business’ COVID Safe practices.

Authorised officers are inspecting businesses to check compliance with Safety Plans and can issue on-the-spot fines, with penalties ranging up to $55,000.

For more information, visit


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