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The Local Planning Panel is an independent panel of qualified people to review and assess development applications (DA’s). Then panel meets fortnightly on a rotating roster with at least one Chair, two experts, and one community representative at each meeting.

  • The Chair who has expertise in law or in government and public administration. The Chair is appointed by the Minister of Planning.
  • Two independent experts with expertise in at least one area of planning, architecture, heritage, environment, urban design, economics, traffic and transport, law, engineering, tourism or government and public administration, appointed by Council from a pre-selected list of experts provided by the Department of Planning.
  • A representative of the local community selected via expressions of interest from interested representatives of the local community who have a demonstrated understanding and experience in similar or related fields to the experts. 

Ms Donna Rygate 

Alternate Chairs
Mr Jason Perica
Ms Kara Krason

Expert panel members
Mr Gregory Flynn - Areas of expertise: Planning, Traffic & Transport
Ms Sue Francis - Areas of expertise: Planning, Environment, Urban Design, Government & Public Admin
Mr Stephen Leathley - Areas of expertise: Planning, Urban Design, Government & Public Admin
Ms Linda McClure - Areas of expertise: Planning, Heritage, Urban Design, Government & Public Admin
Mr Grant Christmas - Areas of expertise: Law, Government & Public Admin

Community representatives
Anthony Tuxworth (Gosford East ward)
Lynette Hunt (Gosford West ward)
Paul Dignam (Wyong ward)
Scott McGrath (The Entrance ward)
David Kitson (Budgewoi ward)

Alternate Community representatives
Geoffrey Mitchell (Gosford West ward)
Glenn Watts (Wyong ward)
Mark Elsley (The Entrance ward)
Stephen Glen (Gosford East and Budgewoi wards)

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Last updated : Wed 29 Sep 2021