Council meetings

Ordinary meetings of Central Coast Council are generally held at 6.30pm on the fourth Tuesday evening of the month, in accordance with the revised Code of Meeting Practice adopted at the 22 February 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting. If requests to speak are received for the Public Forum, a Public Forum will be held at 5.45pm prior to the Council meeting. Council may convene an Extraordinary Meeting outside these regular times, for which public notification will be provided on this website.

During the period of Administration, the Administrator makes decisions on behalf of the community at Council Meetings. An agenda (business papers) is made available before each Council meeting that details the items to be discussed. Agendas are released as soon as practicable but within three business days of the meeting, and are available online here. Shortly after each meeting, the minutes are also published online.

Meetings are run in accordance with the Council's Code of Meeting Practice and Code of Conduct. Public Council meetings are also livestreamed so that you may access what is discussed without attending in person.

The location of Council meetings is the Council Chambers at Wyong Administration Building, 2 Hely Street Wyong. Information about upcoming meetings is further detailed below.

Next scheduled meetings




28th February 2023

6:30pm (Public Forum 5:45pm TBC)

Wyong Chambers

28th March 2023

6:30pm (Public Forum 5:45pm TBC)

Wyong Chambers

26th April 2023

6:30pm (Public Forum 5:45pm TBC)

Wyong Chambers

23rd May 2023

6:30pm (Public Forum 5:45pm TBC)

Wyong Chambers

Attending Council meetings

Members of the public may register to attend Council meetings held in the Council Chambers (Wyong Administration Building) in person. Attendance numbers are limited and pre-registration must be completed on the day of the meeting by request of a ticket through Council's event page on EventBrite.

Attendees are also required to follow any current Public Health Orders regarding proof of vaccination, venue check in, mask wearing and social distancing. Members of the public can also view the livestream of the meeting by visiting the Central Coast Council Live Stream on YouTube.

As resolved at the Ordinary Council Meeting held 22 February 2022, an Open Forum will no longer be held at the beginning of Council Meetings, in accordance with the revised Code of Meeting Practice. A Public Forum may still be held in accordance with the Public Forum Policy. Further information about speaking at Council meetings is available below.

Arrangements for Extraordinary Meetings may be different – please refer to this website for announcements about Extraordinary Meetings.

Speaking at Council meetings

Public Forum

Council may hold a Public Forum prior to each Ordinary Meeting of Council for the purpose of hearing oral submissions from members of the public on items to be considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting. If held, the Public Forum will commence at 5.45pm prior to the Council meeting at 6.30pm.

Members of the public who wish to address Council in the Public Forum must complete and submit thePDF icon request to speak form via email to Council’s Meeting Support team by 10am on the day of the meeting. It is a requirement that speakers at the Public Forum submit their speeches in writing with the Request to Speak form for consideration of the Administrator prior to the Public Forum.

Speakers will be confirmed by Meeting Support staff and will receive information about participating in the Public Forum at the Council Chambers prior to the meeting. Public Forums will be publicly broadcast on Council’s livestream channel.

Public Forums are held in accordance with the Public Forum Policy adopted as the Ordinary Council Meeting held 22 February 2022At the Public Forum, no more than two speakers are to be permitted to speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ each item of business for the Council meeting. See Agendas and Minutes to view speaking items prior to each Council meeting. No more than eight speakers are permitted to speak at each Public Forum, and each speaker is limited to three minutes.


Watch the meeting livestream.

Please note that Confidential Sessions within a Council meeting will not be livestreamed.

The livestream of Council meetings is not, and shall not, be taken to be an official record of Central Coast Council or of any meeting or discussion depicted therein. Central Coast Council does not accept liability for any defamatory remarks or inappropriate comments that are made during the course of a meeting. Recordings of Council meetings are copyright protected and cannot be reused or reproduced without approval from Council.

Agendas and minutes

View all Agendas, Business Papers and Minutes from 2021 onwards listed in the date order of the Council meetings.

View archived Council meeting Agendas, Business Papers and Minutes from 2016-2020.

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