Monumental Mason Works

To install a monument or perform any type of monumental work in a Central Coast Council Cemetery (including restorations or adding inscriptions) a formal application and payment of the applicable fee is required. All works must be carried out by a Council approved monumental mason, in accordance with Council’s monument specifications and with the Australian Standard AS4204-1994 Headstones and Cemetery Monuments.

For work to any monument over 50 years old, Council will contact the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage and/or the National Trust for advice and comment.

Only the burial licence holder or an authorised person can apply for a Monumental Works Permit. For authorised persons, proof of authority to act on behalf of the holder must accompany the application.

The application must state:

  • the full name, address and phone number of the holder
  • the location of the burial plot or site as recorded in the Cemetery Register
  • the name of the deceased person
  • the full name, address and phone number of the monumental mason who will carry out the works
  • the sketch of the work being proposed, including dimensions
  • the dimensions and design of ant footing or foundations that are required
  • the type of materials to be used in the proposed work or construction
  • any wording or inscriptions that will be included in the proposed work
  • the date of expected completion of the works.

Once an application is lodged, Council approval is required prior to commencement of the works. A Monumental Works Permit will be sent to the applicant and a copy sent to the applicable monumental mason.

In the situation where Central Coast Council is required to perform any monumental works (e.g. to make a monument safe), the burial licence holder will be contacted. If the burial licence holder is deceased or not contactable, Council will attempt to contact other family members.

List of approved monumental masons:

  • Central Coast Memorials - 4369 8818
  • Jackson Monumental - 4311 2401 or 0409 521 651
  • Edstein Creative Stone - 4325 2243
  • Budget Headstones - 0479 031 705
  • BB Memorials & Cemetery Services - 0407 220 623


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Last updated : Tue 31 Mar 2020